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Welcome to Weller, the tax and accounting financial services provider for SMEs. We help business customers and private individuals with all their tax and business administration needs: from salary administration to annual accounts, and from startup to IPO.

Every day, we devote all our knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to supporting the success of businesses like yours. We deliver the information you need at the moment that it matters. That’s Weller!

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That’s Weller!

Get your administration automated fast! That’s how it all starts. With smart apps, intelligent data warehousing and the best cloud solutions, Weller gives you real-time insight into your figures, 24/7. We put you back in the driver’s seat of your own data, and you make the decisions from a position of knowledge and understanding, looking ahead to the future. Weller makes it happen.

We know that automating your processes is not a goal in itself, but it does deliver the basic information you need for so many decisions. Should you hire someone, is your current legal form the best option from a tax perspective, should you invest with your own money or look for financing? What are your shares worth? If these are questions that concern you, come on in and let’s talk. Real Weller!

Independent and price-competitive!

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Weller makes it happen!

We are a firm that puts the customer first. We know how to translate the customer’s needs into what it takes in terms of people, knowledge, software and dialogue.

We are the partner who can help you move forward with all your financial questions. We are a network of professionals. And we are at home with all the latest tech-based solutions to streamline and optimize your financial-administrative processes.

Make Weller your trusted, transparent, go-to advisor!

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Weller for businesses.

We serve SMEs in the greater Amsterdam area. We support startups, tech companies, construction contractors, hotels, consultants, webshops, family trusts and private individuals, whether your perspective is national or international. Our experienced tax specialists and accountants are there for you in every phase of your life cycle.

In good times and bad. That’s Weller!

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