Tax returns

Weller is available to handle all your tax returns: income tax, corporation tax, inheritance tax, and of course your turnover tax and wage tax reporting. Whether you file your returns annually, quarterly or monthly, we are standing by to check them, organize them or even completely take them off your hands. Of course, everyone has to pay taxes, but we want to make sure that you pay the minimum possible amount and file your returns correctly. Weller minimizes and optimizes your tax position.

Problems with the tax authorities

You don’t want any trouble with the tax authorities – not for you, and not for your business. Nobody does, so why do these things still happen? Well, one reason is that you didn’t call us first. But it’s not too late – call us anyway, we can still help! We can file your objection or appeal of a tax assessment and handle the whole process. If you’re being audited, we can support you and oversee all the information exchange with the tax authorities. Weller is the tax advisor you’ve been looking for. The one that makes you money instead of being just another tax-related expense. Weller is always a good investment!

Filing your tax returns

Just leave it to Weller, and your tax returns will be filed on time, completely and correctly. Our tax specialists are always on top of the latest legislation and regulations, and as members of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors they keep their knowledge of all the ins and outs of tax law up-to-date. We solve your tax problems before you even know there’s a problem. Weller minimizes and optimizes your tax position!

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