Personal tax returns

Every single year, so many people in the Netherlands dread the moment that they must file their tax returns. It is perhaps this ‘must’ that is the real issue here. Nonetheless, many private individuals are letting money slip through their fingers because they are not using all their options to reduce their tax burden. And that’s a pity. Weller knows all the options!

Your tax return completed correctly and filed on time

We make sure that your tax return is completed correctly and filed on time. It takes a load of worry off your plate, and it is work that we love to do, thanks to our broad experience and our passion for the field. Let us take your worries away. We stay on top of all changes in the law and all the opportunities for you to reduce your tax bill. That’s why we always know all the tax benefits you can take advantage of. That’s how we make the difference.

Objection to tax assessment

Are you interested in filing an objection against a tax assessment? Is the amount of the assessment incorrect, or is it that you shouldn’t be receiving an additional assessment at all? We can guide you through your objection procedure against the tax authorities. Just give us a call: +31 (0)20 – 679 39 75

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