Personal Finance

Are you putting enough away for later? If you become unable to work, will you be fully covered? And what about your family – if you die unexpectedly, what will happen to them? Weller will calculate all the possible scenarios for you and give you the best advice. For information about a mortgage, your retirement plan, occupational disability insurance or investment advice, of course you can always go to a bank, but are you sure they’re giving you the best deal and truly independent advice? As an independent advisor, Weller works with brokers in the financial industry who are in a position to select the best product for you. And by reviewing their services critically, we are able to guarantee that your interests are being put first.

Personal Finance for business owners

As a business owner, it’s inevitable that there will be personal financial issues that also require your attention. Arranging your own affairs optimally is the way to make sure you are truly getting all you can out of your business results. Doing business is your passion. Ours is handling the financial side for you. Both for your business and in your personal situation.

A specialized Personal Finance advisor

Changes in tax law and financial legislation happen all the time. Are they affecting your business or your personal financial situation? Accountants and account managers for banks give you all kinds of advice that is relevant to your business enterprise. But who’s looking out for your personal finances, and are you keeping sight of the big picture? Weller gives you personal advice!

Honest, independent advising

Weller gives you honest and independent advice. When we do this, we put your present personal situation front and center, and we take your financial needs for the future as where we want to go. After a detailed inventory and a critical look at your current financial circumstances, we work out a clear financial plan to move you towards the targets we set.

If you so desire, we can help you with potential follow-up action. Weller takes a good look at what is important to you, rather than what product we can sell you. We discuss your personal financial plan with you at regular intervals and assess where you are along the way based on the latest developments. Are you looking for a Personal Finance advisor? Someone who is truly independent, not fixated on products, and who puts you as customer first? If that sounds like what you’re looking for, contact Weller.

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