Mergers and takeovers

Mergers and takeovers are a complex business, and tax aspects play a major role in them. It is important to get all the right information and be assisted by an expert in this area.

  • Will you choose an assets and liabilities transfer, or purchase the shares of a limited liability company?
  • Should you consider placing all the individual business units in separate companies?
  • Are you looking for a shares exchange or would a corporate merger be better for you?
  • Do you need to legally merge the individual private companies, or split some off?
  • And how do you avoid nasty surprises at tax time?

With all these questions, we can help.

Valuation of undertaking

When you take over a company or are looking for a takeover for your own company, one crucial element early on is the valuation of the undertaking. What is your company really worth? And of course, the buyer will be asking the question: what is the company worth and what am I willing to shell out for it? The same questions will be relevant when it comes to mergers. Whichever side of the equation you’re on: Weller can tell you what a company is worth.

Business succession

Succession within a business is a complex matter and must be prepared for carefully. Particularly when you want to get the most out of advantageous tax facilities for business succession, you need to plan things out well in advance. Whether it’s a family business being handed down from parents to children, or an employee or manager taking over the firm, there are a lot of issues involved in a business succession – so how do you make sure that everything gets handled correctly for all parties? Weller knows how!

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