Administration and annual accounts

Show us a successful business, and we’ll show you a business on top of its administration. Of course, every business strives to be that business, but we know for most of them that’s more ideal than reality. Most of the businesses we know don’t consider keeping their administration up-to-date the most enjoyable part of their work. Lucky for them, there are people who do like this type of work and love to make it their primary activity. These are the people you find at Weller. Our tax specialists and accountants are eager to help you. And Weller gives them the tools to give you exactly the help you need.

Intelligent software throughout your administrative process

Weller uses intelligent cloud-based accounting and scanning software. We use industry-leading packages like Twinfield, Exact Online, Reeleezee, Visionplanner and NMBRS. With our highly developed and focused cloud-based solution, you’ll have access to all your data, all the time, anywhere. That gives you peace of mind. The peace of mind you need to keep your business running smoothly at all times. That’s what we find so fulfilling about giving businesses back the control over their own data.

Visionplanner reporting

With Visionplanner, you get the story behind your numbers. We feed all your data into your business administration, and keep it up-to-date at all times. That’s important, because you want easy access to all your figures, in a way you can understand them, and in real time. We figure out what you need in dialogue with you, and make the adjustments and suggestions necessary along the way. You can get your Visionplanner reports either monthly or quarterly.

Outsourcing your administration

Together, we determine what you want to do yourself and what you want to outsource to us. Our goal is to make sure that your administration really shows you your business’ current financial picture. The smart way, flexibly and efficiently. So you get more time to do what you do best: being an entrepreneur. That’s a win for you on two fronts.

Administrations or independent contractors without personnel

If you are an independent contractor without personnel, your accounting needs will generally be simpler. But you still need to make sure you are on top of your administration at all times. Sadly, all too often we find independent contractors who aren’t managing to do this – and as a result, they are paying too little tax (and are in for a nasty shock down the road), or too much (without ever knowing about it). All the more reason to call Weller!

Drafting annual accounts

Weller drafts your annual accounts and makes sure your figures are filed, correctly and on time, with the Chamber of Commerce. Weller has an extensive network of financial professionals, including registered auditors who are authorized to sign an unqualified audit opinion. We take all the worries off your hands. We do this gladly, but more importantly: reliably, and right the first time. Weller takes care of it!

Auditing of your administration

Prefer to handle your bookkeeping yourself? No problem. The important thing is that you handle this in the way that works for you. And then we’ll be there to check your accounting, either monthly or quarterly. The important thing is to find the method that works for you. To learn more about the options and how we can handle your administration and annual accounts, call us or, better yet, drop in!

Handling your financial filings

Weller can handle all your financial filings for you: whether it’s your income tax, wage tax, turnover tax or corporation tax returns, you’ve come to the right place with Weller. Want to talk about what you’re looking for, with no obligation? Make an appointment with one of our experts.

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